• ankitraj 23w

    Incredible beauty

    There is no difference between a girl and nature,

    God has created beautifully both the creature.

    In the day her face is like glowing sun, which is going to disappear soon,

    In the night it becomes full moon.

    Her hairs are like dense forest, as the darkest night,

    I lost my sense, in the first sight.

    She has got gorgeous eyes like deep Pacific Ocean,

    She is an art of god, not any magician.

    I don’t know from where she has got that incredible smile,

    She’s very simple, but can beat any style.

    When she laughs, my heart just stops,

    When she cries, all lakes become dry.

    Tears of that girl are like splendid pearl,

    And I personally feel,

    With her sweet simple smile, your all wounds can heal.

    Getting her is like finding pleasure,

    It’s not a thing which can be measured,

    But can only be compared to nature.

    It may be false to say that prevention is better than cure,

    But she is my angel, I am cent percent sure.

    Her voice is like sweet pleasing chirping of birds,

    Her beauty can’t be described in terms of words

    In the end, from bottom of my heart,

    I pray to god, don’t give her death,

    In lieu of that take away my breath!!!