• jeitendra_sharma 10w


    the scattered grain of sands
    floating above the sea
    with the blow of wind
    reaching new heights
    wings of uncertainty, high hopes
    eyes at heaven, trying to touch it
    individual particles fighting with each other
    in a meaningless race
    all will settle down at last
    wild-wind will take rest at night
    the cold-water will not welcome grains
    the wetness will sink it low
    game of destiny, indeed!
    someone will walk over it
    crushing it further-down
    all hopes have sunk with the sun
    moon has gone extinct
    the heaviness of the heart
    the unwanted situation at the door
    knocking it down,

    a brighter moon
    with all new hopes
    distance is less now
    the sea could feel the weight of it
    trembling earth
    there is life beneath the sea
    one more chance, a tsunami
    to rise with all weight
    to the zenith of surface
    a quantum dance of earth at its axis
    the force of nature at the service
    a fair game of hide-and-seek
    to hide the selfness
    and to seek the union with the world
    to attain a state of freedom
    freedom from all sin, and the existence
    to become shining sun at night
    and the full moon in the daylight,