• afaq4619 6w


    It was July 2 '2018 approximately 2:30 Am that was the morning of the day when my brother died
    My brother and I were in the HDU ward at Jinnah Hospital Lahore along with two more patient They were also fighting for life and death There was a complete silence on the ward except heart rate monitor sound
    At 2:45 Am o'clock my brother called my name i am just sitting at behind of his ventilator I asked him, are you all right?
    he didn't say anything to me he just hug me tightly Once and hug me twice in the gap of between 1 minute
    I remember this moment whenever I think about it this moment is Unforgettable for me till my last breath
    May Allah shine the brightest light on his grave and grant him the highest rank of Jannah