• antisocialnerd 10w

    Be happy, you don't know when something bad will occur next.
    Laugh, you don't know how many moments you'll have to do that.
    Love, will all your heart, for all you know it may be what's holding you together.
    Live your life, how you want, and to the fullest, you don't want to be controlled by someone else.
    Breathe, for all you know it may be your last.
    Cherish, all the good times and experiences you've had, your life is full of them.
    Make memories, that'll last until you take your last breathe, they are what keep us alive.
    Smile, every once and a while, it doesn't hurt to show you're happy to others.
    Embrace, success, and the future, for you don't want to end up going down the wrong path.
    Spend time, with those whom you love and care about, for you don't know how much time you have left with them.