• sherlin_21 5w


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    The hysterical Libra

    Seems like an air sign,
    An erratic phenomenon happens with the Sun and constellations.
    Reflecting my harmony and balance,
    I'm intuitive,
    Never ignored my inner voice.
    Here comes the reality,
    Followed never my inner-voice,
    My mercurial frontal shrew.
    While my mood swings in a bipolar fashion,
    Funny---happy----terribly sad---
    What a hysterical woman I am!
    Those erratic waves of thoughts
    That flaring up,
    Equipped and on its way to blast,
    Here I am
    Pulling through my heart,
    And keep them all settled only for a moment,
    Ready to face the "I'm coming" ones.
    This is what I think-BALANCED.
    And that's how I roll.!!!