• arunkoti 6w

    All glitters is not gold

    What's this world?
    Memoríes after memories rolled
    Childhood to boyhood
    Youth to manhood
    Manhood to old-age
    Is it waking or sleeping dream?
    It's a dream like flowing stream
    What a mystery between hitherto and thitherto!
    Some are joys and some are in strife
    Full of uncertainties
    That's the essence of life
    It's beyond my imagination
    Frugality is out of sight
    Complexity is so bright
    Morality is so dull
    Days after days
    Night after nights
    Joys after sorrows
    Seasons after seasons
    Earning after spending
    Interrogations after reason
    Isn't strange delusion?
    Recollecting the childhood stories
    Lingering the memories of my school teachers
    Better than a thousand and one preachers divine rill
    Their clarion call was sounding and resounding still