• yinkapemisire 24w

    We Are All Nigerian

    Hey! You! Why are you demolishing our scenery?

    Turning spellbound city to old monuments

    Why are you causing unforgettable trouble?

    Making such a big disruption and war

    Homes are destitute, in great disrepair

    Why did you carouse the emblem of hate

    Hey! You! I'm talking to you!

    Why did you caress racism so much?

    Why did you adjacent the life of people to death house

    We are all Nigerian why making us as a stepping stone

    Why did you take malice as your precious job?

    I'm talking to you! Yes you!

    Why are you so corrupt?

    Embezzlement of all sorts by the elite

    Why are you so full of vileness?

    Making life discomfort to your own citizen

    We are all Nigerian

    Hey! I'm talking to you! Yes you!

    Your conscience should baffled your throat
    Why did you connive in the dark?

    Point dagger to your own kin?

    Hey! You dictator why did you take despot as your habit

    Why are you so reluctant to austerity in the country?

    Why are you beckoning to tumult?

    Hey! You, I'm talking to you

    Why did you eat off the country profuse?

    Like termite eat the wood

    Allowing the nation to suffocate

    You are an ultra-vulture

    Why did you famished us?

    Why can’t we be what we want to be?

    We are all Nigeria.

    ©Yinka pemisire pwencywealth