• karisma_rajguru 5w

    Boys don't cry

    no! Boys don't cry!
    Myth says that they don't, truth is unknown
    But fact is apart!
    Boys cry when the volcano of stress and pain explodes
    Boys cry infront of the one they love
    Boys cry when they don't get what they deserve
    Boys cry for their families
    Boys cry when their sisters get married
    Boys cry when someone breaks their hearts
    Boys cry when they are depressed
    They hide, they control, they get over
    Because in the end, they are told not to disclose
    Not expressing doesn't always mean not feeling a thing
    And hiding doesn't always mean being okay and fine
    Reality strikes at every moment and they too have to deal with it
    Some are just good in hiding, some are not
    But still in the end, they are told not to cry, because boys don't cry!