• lola_writes 6w

    Oh Nigeria!

    Oh Nigeria!
    Oh my Nigeria!
    How you have failed me
    How you have broken me
    How you have dashed my hopes
    I can't begin to evaluate

    Yes I accept that at some point
    We all have ceased to care about our motherland
    But you can't blame us oh mother Nigeria
    Because you have left us to fend for ourselves

    Oh Nigeria!
    Today you have forgone your white
    That screams peace
    And picked up red
    That yells danger

    Oh Nigeria!
    How you have failed
    At sixty you still behave like a toddler
    With not the slightest bit of wisdom
    I could chastise you all day
    But you never listen

    Oh Nigeria!
    Don't you think it's enough
    Don't you think it's time
    You became responsible for your people