• rani_shri 7w

    Le Moti ������ @world_of_darkness

    People say.
    There's always something good in badness.
    And i found this in you,
    You're like A happiness in sadness.

    There was a time
    Where something was about to end.
    A new thing started in that
    And i got you as my best friend.

    The way,living far from me,
    But still holding my hand.
    Is something like
    A permanent remark of our names on the Sand.

    While talking to you for many hours,
    I use to forget everything.
    And trust me it seems like
    I'm flying without a wing.

    Starting from friendly love
    We started our secret sharings.
    Like a true friend does for each other
    We had then carings.

    Sometimes i miss our talks
    And your laughter and smile.
    My dear, really
    Our bond is versatile.

    I can't describe even in words
    What are you to me.
    And writing you is like
    Counting drops in a sea.

    I wish you a very very
    Happiest birthday my dear.
    Really i have no words for you,
    I swear..

    May you be fulfilled with best
    And live very long.
    And our friendship never get an end
    And always remain strong.

    Only you have the right on
    These words and emotions of mine.
    Wishing you a good day
    Party hard even in Quarantine.

    पूरी हो मेरी इतनी गुज़ारिश,
    कि पूरी हो तेरी हर ख्वाहिश।����������✨✨��������������������������

    Happiest Birthday My love..����������������������������������������������������
    I want to live with you till my last breathe,
    That's why i wrote it very late.

    Happy wala bday meri chudail.��������������
    Love you soo much.������������������������
    Loads of loves and hugs.����������������������������
    Stay blessed with the best
    And forget about the rest.
    May you be fulfilled with love, smile, happiness, good health, success and prosperity.
    Stay safe kutti..������

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