• simplyme 49w

    The Cage Our Love Was Put In

    I was taken away like
    You were taken away like
    My heart was snatched and torn like
    You away from your freedom like
    The tears that fell from my eyes like
    The jail cells that locked you in
    Locked me in locked us in

    It seems that our demons are creating
    All of these walls that
    Are too impossible to break
    To take the love that we share
    Only for me to want to give up and swear

    But I remember that there is a God
    I plead ,I cry scratching out my eyes
    Trying not to ask God why
    May I be the one to try and
    Get a hold of myself
    To remember to love myself

    I think about you with every breath
    that I take hoping one day to become
    Awake, with you there with me
    By my side, for our love will never die
    Freed from the leashes of authority
    Freed from the one that loved to control me

    Something , someone whom holds my heart
    True love shall dare to be apart
    The understanding of you & I shall never die
    That one day that I will say I do
    That you will say I do
    Until death do us part

    Put back into place was my heart
    Your cage has been destroyed in the dark
    Freedom has called our name
    Love has always controlled the game
    Until we meet again
    My love ,our future has just began
    To God be all the glory
    I thank you, Amen