• sisa_prac 9w


    Waves of sound swaying on the cool evening breeze,
    Delicately kissing the light waves of the river,

    An experience of the live band at the River walk....

    Romantic notes of the violin,
    Dense chords of the guitar,
    Vivacious beats of the drums,
    Soothing melodies of the flute,
    Versatile and agile frequencies of the key board,
    Alluring impressions of the Saxophones
    And a melodious voice catching up with the musical Marvel's....

    Music has the power to create an atmosphere for the body to relax and mind to rejuvenate.....and create albums of memories of ....
    Romantic Evening's on the River Walk.

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    Music romances the mind to rejuvenate,
    Enliven thoughts and Create innovations.