• alsha306 5w

    there are the days
    when you often wonder
    why only you struggle with an umbrella..
    saving yourself from the rains
    when everyone else is completely dry..
    why is it that only you have to keep trying
    not to drown..just to live..
    you try and try until there's
    nothing left inside of you to give
    when words sound empty
    and the silence is loud..
    storms coming out
    from an an empty cloud...
    madness and chaos everywhere
    but after that storm
    comes the clearest sky..
    just have a little hope and
    don't forget to keep trying
    and it's okay if sometimes
    you do nothing but cry
    strength comes from the same
    madness we fight and survive..
    just keep moving forward
    One step at a time..
    you will surely
    Get your chance to fly

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