• zarin_sultana 23w

    Ur eyes

    The depth of your eyes..
    Clearly displays the image of your's heart which from inside always cries
    It tells some stories..
    A deep pain in carries..
    Despite all the troubles,
    It shines with perfection
    On which everybody will crush on..
    It hides a lot of pain in it..
    Which in life u have meet..
    You feel none will identify yours hidden tears.
    But looking in your's eyes its very clear..
    Despite being unknown of the story..
    For you i feel sorry
    I wish to hear the untold story..
    And relief you from the pain which inside yourself you silently carry..
    If i could ask you about this..
    Then beside you i would have peacefully sit..
    I would listen calmly to all your pain..
    Even if a whole lifetime it would have taken..
    And then you would be reliefed of the pains..
    And yours heart would have rejoiced again..❤
    ©his maya_paki