• kennyluna 6w

    The Greatest Gift

    You've always made my day worth living
    Encouraged me to come out of my hiding
    Accepted me for who I am
    You're the lady I'm the lamb

    With comfort we'd talk for hours through phones
    We'd wonder what it'd be like for ice creams without cones
    I'm blessed to have you as my friend
    And I do hope that this friendship would never bent

    I've known you though not for many years
    But still you'd never let me shed my painful tears
    When in grief, you're the chandelier that shimmers light to my soul
    And when winter's on my front door, you'd chase away the cold

    You're something different everyday
    A massive breakthrough in every difficult way
    A flower that blooms even in snowy winter
    An obstacle to any hindrance and the light to my summer

    I could never repay the kindness you've given me
    Nor could I offer you more than a cup of tea
    But I could offer you my trust, respect, love and loyalty,
    For you're a damsel, not in destress but of great dignity

    One of God's greatest gifts for me is you
    The you who's wider than the ocean, and who's prettier than the rose
    Who always comforts me even when we're too far to be closed
    And who endures pain but could still let your inner love flows