• upurnoggin 50w


    I can't wait,
    My hands they perspirate,
    The fire in by belly won't dissipate,
    Makes me claustrophate,
    Can't breathe, can't breathe,
    Oh no! Wait...
    I saw you,
    I forgot to,
    U keep stealing my breath away,
    I want you.
    I want you to,
    Touch me, tease me, castigate,
    I'll like it.
    I like it rough,
    I'm really tough,
    There's nothing I can't take,
    Put it in my mouth.
    I'll suck, I swallow,
    I don't spit out!
    No llama here,
    Don't care if your mama hear,
    Slap my ass till it hurts,
    This skin don't wear,
    This skin don't tear,
    Only thing is my clothes,
    Rip it, I don't care.
    Why'd you touch me there,
    I don't like it there,
    No wait I lied, ooh that soft kiss, yeah
    Put it right back there,
    I'll take it there.
    I had hidden this freak inside somewhere,
    Now she bustin out,
    And it's all your fault,
    The way u did it, like u in a cult-
    Like it's your skill,
    So now you're my pill,
    Cure my illness,
    I'm in distress,
    God's my witness,
    You're my best!
    I can't wait,
    Sex is innate,
    My body is yours to desecrate,
    In sensual pleasures,
    So intimate!