• kalami 51w


    I choose to see, what others won't,
    When everyone gives up, I don't.
    I am the dream, I am the nightmare,
    I come alone, not in pair.

    I pledge to rise, high above the ground,
    I am the beast, I am the hound.
    You can't weaken me or brake,
    Cz for me, everything is at stake.

    I call the shots, I choose,
    I am not the snake, I am the mangoose.
    You earn me, I don't come free,
    I have no time to take it easy.

    I don't wait for it, I am the time,
    When life gives me lemons, I'll have the lime.
    I am what I am, you can't define,
    Cz at the end, it all gonna be fine.