• writings_by_jelica 9w

    No one will understand, but we don't care
    People will talk, but probably not for long
    And anyway, we don't care
    They'll try and plant their opinions in our head
    But that won't work, because we don't care
    They'll probably try and interfere in our relationship too
    But we won't let them, it's ours, not theirs
    Their opinion doesn't count, we just don't care
    It's our love, for one another
    It's deep, it's soulful, it's true love
    It's real, it's honest, it's heaven sent
    And if you're not happy about it
    That's really sad, for you, not us
    You should probably find a way to come to terms with it
    Because it's not going anywhere
    Our love is here to stay