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    I wondered whether to post this or not, but here it is x

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    Goodbye, I love you

    I can't say goodbye to you,
    At least not directly,
    So I wrote a poem or two,
    I swear it was accidentally.
    I was just sitting down,
    And writing like I always do,
    My thoughts floating around,
    And then they flew to you.
    I remembered your blue eyes
    And your bright sweet smile,
    And oh boy how the time flies -
    I haven't seen you in awhile.
    I wish I could say I miss you,
    But you'd find me crazy,
    Well, maybe you already do
    'Cause my mind is a bit hazy.
    But I can't say I miss you
    Or that I want you to hug me,
    And I can't say I love you
    For it would probably kill me.
    The only thing I can say
    Is that I wish you the best
    And I hope this poem conveys
    All the rest..