• drine_the_poet 19w


    Babe you look beautiful
    In your head you're like "um hmm"
    Why is this guy so nice
    Is there really such a thing as a nice dude?
    Babe I'm working but believe me I miss you
    In your head you're like "um hmm"
    Who he talking to?
    Babe I was working late
    Babe my phone died
    Babe I fell asleep
    Babe I ran out of time
    In your head you're like "um hmm"
    Is he like the rest?
    The types who start off sweet in the beginning
    Before they cause you unrest
    Is he spending quality time with someone else?
    See, this is where most of us mess up
    We get in our heads and let insecurities rise
    We have someone good
    Present in our lives
    Yet we steady project our stuff
    Project our fears, paranoia and insecurities
    Onto the new
    This is not fair to them or you
    Trust me I speak from experience
    If you want love to prosper
    Get out of your head
    Give that person a chance
    Believe that you deserve the best
    Be the person that you would want to be with
    Speak positivity into the air
    When your mate finds you
    Dont project
    Just be fair

    Written: 10.10.19