• littlemisssunshine 10w

    Walk Alone (Ekla Cholo Re)

    When your friends didn't make you part of their play ;
    While watching it behind the window bars, you walked alone...

    When your siblings thought you were too young to fall in their group and hear out the secrets ;
    While waiting for that one suitable day, you walked alone...

    Though a last bencher, still you wanted to answer the questions on your favorite topic,
    But never given the opportunity, you walked alone

    When your friends taunted you , made you feel like a loser, you walked alone

    When you didn't have the independence to choose the subject you want to take up, you did nod, but you walked alone

    When your close ones did not stand beside you, though knowing you were right, you walked alone

    When your home tutor, grabbed your private parts and expressed his gladness on your 10/10,
    Your pain failed to express, but you walked alone

    When your much elder cousin treated you as an experimental subject to satisfy his sexual curiosity
    You were numb, you walked alone

    When your that uncle mentioned how beautiful you have become while caressing your thighs
    With a lump in your throat, you walked alone

    Amidst crowd when you could not make a connect to the person right beside
    You walked alone

    When your lover or husband never cared for your consent, you walked alone

    Your marital status - who and when, number of children- early or late whatever it is, when you made such decision, you walked alone

    While you thought of reaching for the stars but the people discouraged, you walked alone

    When you were not allowed to dream , but you dreamt about it each night, you walked alone

    When you had to smile without letting others know what's killing inside, you walked alone

    When you were labeled every day, you walked alone

    When you were body shamed, identity shamed, misread, misinterpreted,
    You walked alone

    When you were constantly judged for being you
    You walked alone

    When you raised your voice against every wrong doing, you walked alone

    Everytime you made your independent choice,
    You walked alone.

    So, never settle for something less
    This walk had made you fearless
    Let the bravery unfold
    With head held high
    Let yourself soar and fly
    Tell yesterday, it's gone
    Your present will never pay those loan
    Your fight is your own, as hand in hand you have grown
    No matter if the path is unknown
    No matter if your relationships are not well sown
    Just reign your throne
    Now, you have mastered to walk alone....
    Unshackle the societal norms and superstition
    Unbind the wing
    Unfail the failing
    Like dust, let your pain blown
    Break free and walk alone...
    Hardy and Free
    You have earned the sky for thee...