• shewangini0217 5w

    Heart the most beautiful part of Heart' is whatever the situation is happening happiness it's hurting nd killing from inside it's never stop Beating when we find the Right one who can Handle it in all situations
    Then it's a blessing..

    A girl who was Once Heart broken but never let anyone Around her Know that she Is broken like a peices Of glass From she was alive
    But that time she was More Hurt from inside
    Never stop herself living her life to the fullest seems was moment secret memories and something wonderful happens when you open your eyes and open your heart then many things which can turn your life into a Bliss..

    Love can turn your life into a bliss

    Strong people are the one Who Never let their Emotions Disclose in front Of everyone soo
    Easily it takes time it's taken a mutual understanding trust to let them Come out of there shell nd Show themselves in Real.

    Life we meet people we create moments memories cherish it for lifetime lucky are those who stays with them For Lifetime they don't change us but let' us see ns explore the world together... a A promise Kept For Lifetime to Stay with us That's A Bliss..

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    Heart' it's the only one which Guide you to lead a Right Path..