• dresmith298 6w

    This road

    Love something cause loving nothing leads you down a one way road

    And it always get old

    Who wants to be alone in this road to life

    If you have some time I could use a map

    Like your Love is my atlas

    You got me following my wish on the stars leading to you

    You're going to turn this treasure hunter to a grave robbers

    Cause you bury your love so deep

    Im so sick of being lonely through flu season

    I just want my summer love to hold me

    Let the leaves fall while our love blooms

    Its been a long time coming but love is here to stay

    You can have the key to my heart if you don't believe me

    But only in exchange of you like insurance

    Cause you never know when you need triple A

    If I have break down in my melt down

    Just put your love on me and bring me to my senses

    You do it all with out a touch of you believe in magic

    You can go far with my love but you can't live without

    My love is like oxygen you just need some resuscitation

    You think I'm just blowing hot air

    Then fly weather balloon and rain your love up on me