• risingdrop 6w

    Would you mind
    walking a mile,
    few extra steps,
    sparing some
    minutes of your time,
    because I've got
    many thoughts today,
    I'm not sure how many
    of them will find
    their way through
    my lips to your ears
    but we gotta try, ain't we?
    Me saying and
    you listening,
    not that I won't listen
    to you of course.

    I'll shut as soon as
    words will take over
    because as you know
    I like to take control,
    I've always been.
    So when the silence fills in,
    I want you to take command
    and say something,
    something pretty,
    something so tempting that
    it makes me speak,
    that I won't hold back and
    spill out my all the secrets,
    fears and insecurities
    in front of you.

    Don't you worry,
    I won't ask you
    whether they hold
    any truthness or not,
    because sometimes
    we don't look out
    for the truth,
    we just want to listen and
    want to be heard
    that everything's going to be okay.

    - Rutvik


    @allbymyself @meghana27 @meru_mukh @musings_ @despair

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