• goddess_of_blazingwords 9w

    Dear future poet

    I Specifically am writing you this just so you know how much I care and Cherish you even when we are yet to meet, wishing to pass a message of how much I love you and how simplest words like 'I love you too' would ignite the happiness and excitement that lays still in me hoping you'd get to understand it all after reading this piece of letter harbouring flowering words in it.
    I want you to be there ideal man for me with a nice sense of humour and impeccable characteristics cause 'Together Forever' is that which I want with you. Let me share in your pains and you, be the one to wipe my tears dry; A friend and comforter, I need you to grow in all ramifications of your life as Success should be your goal. A faithful man whom will never go astray, resisting temptations even when they seem to be lurking all over. I need you to be self made, God fearing, Independent and passionate whilst I'm here by your side as your number one fan and supporter in each and every of your good works.
    My thoughts towards you are good as I plan our first meeting in my head how magical and romantic it would be and when we slowly, steadily get to know ourselves how you would cuddle me in your warmth arms and kiss me with so much love and affection then when we finally get to walk through that aisle together to be called man and wife proclaiming those words of 'I do', my heart would leap for immense joy as thou I harbour butterflies in my stomach.
    Dear future Poet let me feel you everyday in my life; do not depart from me in my darkest nights as a gift that you are to me I shall call you Divine. Day by day I'd be drowning and drooling in your love. Future husband, I am yet to behold your glorious sight but thoughts of you mesmerizes me each day and a perfect picture of you I have painted in my head please would you engrave my name on your heart boldly saying I love you. I wouldn't want to awake from this beautiful slumber cause I am drunk in love with you
    Your book would be our castle and our home the abode of peace and your words specifically designed to cure all my ailments. My future husband promise me I'd be your one and only give me this assurance that you are mine forever then my heart and everything within would be devoid of envy and jealousy
    Do not feel sad for "Age is just but a number". In your imperfections I still would love all of you cause 'no being is an embodiment of absolute perfection', let me be the woman of your beautiful dreams.
    Trust in the God and he would direct all your paths.
    Thou I am yet to see and know you
    But still I love you without wavering
    Your future wife.
    Bambi's treasured words
    Hope Bomate Nelson