• emotionspenned 10w

    Her heart is another cheery balloon..
    She plays and slays with it..
    Bounce and Bounce it goes away..
    So it made one lovely heart to sway..
    Little did she know..
    He is exactly not soft as snow..
    Like a another kiddo,
    He started playing with that balloon..
    Played, Played and hence well played..
    She started longing him till the back n moon..
    Things turned sad quite soon..
    He starting pressing its curvature,
    It hurted like just a another wild creature..
    Her heart was elastic enough..
    To hold, restrain and maintain in a situation such tough.
    She build up a castle around her heart..
    A castle made up of stones and thrones
    Like now if anybody try to enter, he will definitely mourn..
    She has now created a vacuum in her heart.
    A room which is purer than any worldly dirt..
    She is now a emotional art in warzone