• eccentricwriter99 5w


    I will be strong when you call me unworthy of anything that I want

    I will be level-headed when all sanity gets thrown out the window

    Your anger once made my porcelain shell fracture with all the lies you'd tell

    But I will remain stronger.

    Like a wave of water falling from the sky I shed my pain in tears you call it weakness but it keeps me sane

    More willful

    I will be strong to represent my gender in any forthcoming battles to show that everyone can win over evil

    And fight their own monsters.

    I am strong because I am a woman, someone who gives life to the future

    I will not be squandered to become a pet for the lazy man who can not fetch his own drink

    I am strong in keeping hope for the future of my linage
    To have kids to carry on in an unsettling dilemma of this world

    Be strong, I will tell them before they step through that door
    Be strong for yourself and for me

    Be strong for the wicked to see