• _poeticheart_ 10w

    The Taj Mahal,
    regarded as one of the wonders of the world,
    symbolises love, they say,
    Do they know what love even means?
    Love is not about killing a man for his woman
    Just because she's the beautiful of all
    Love is not pushing your woman in the mouth of death
    And then building a monument for her
    Love is something greater
    It's something that poetries and poets like me can't define
    Beauty deserves appreciation
    But not at the cost of someone losing their livelihood
    A hope, that came from their art
    And the art purely belongs to heart and soul and hands
    I'm a writer, more of a poet,
    What would I had been if I had no hands?
    The arteries and veins of an artist's hands joins his heart, straight away.