• victoriastokoe 10w

    Why I wrote a waste of death in my last poem..For George Floyd ❤

    #Alllivesmatter #Lifeisprecious #blackouttuesday

    A waste of death in my poem refers to the fact that George's life was extinguished, not a gentle blow on a candle and a walk to the other side but extinguished. George's life certainly wasn't a waste of a life as his drastically cut short life and his tragic, brutal end has shown the world that he mattered and what happened to him was so so wrong. Death should be a final peace with cherished memories that we leave behind, death should be a place we go when we have achieved all we dream of being and when we have challenged ourselves daily to be a better human no matter what the odds and no matter how hard the fight we have, against those who hate.
    George's life was a waste of death because he didn't get to live a full life, he didn't have chance for anyone to say goodbye to him, he didn't get to be old and have his long life celebrated by family and loved ones as he should have. George's family and friends can't mourn and can't cry without a bitterness, an anger. They can't celebrate his life without a shadow hanging over it, this is why I wrote a waste of death, as death should be a sweet and peaceful end to a beautiful life. Death should give someone the opportunity to find and make peace with themselves, to say goodbye, to hold the hands of those who love you, to heal rifts, to pass on their wisdom to their Grandkid. George didn't have any of that. I hope he has found peace now in his Mama's arms, the person he needed, who must have know her boy was having his life squeezed from him. As George's death continues to shake the world and whatever our own beliefs or non beliefs, we should all be in agreement that this should never have happened. Rest in peace George Floyd ❤