• pratishtha023 6w

    A bit lengthy but please read this one piece. This piece signifies self faith to those who've lost their path and are walking on the track of destruction. I hope you all like this one.

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    Some Dusks And Dawns Get Flawed

    Some dusks and dawns,
    They get flawed
    Due to pitied rain
    The sun, sometimes, faints
    If the weather's snowy
    And when sky's a low-key
    The sun shifts its back
    To a little shadowed track
    When the clouds gather above
    And sun hides behind
    Then no dusk and no dawn
    Enlighten to make a beautiful morn
    But everyone waits .
    Till next sunrise,
    Their hopes extend for fate.
    But for some,
    They relinquish
    For their attempt,
    They behold anguish
    Despite the cause doesn't cost happiness
    Still they abdicate
    For their efforts were never pointless
    For their drowsiness
    Was not painless
    For their part was never really less
    They sob at those numerous effects
    They moan for their work been effete.
    And for them, who fear this
    For people who fear to confide
    And for whose mental stress remains un-condone,
    I'm scrawling meticulously
    I know it's wrong
    But there are days when it doesn't dawn
    Abominable article stucks in when,
    Hallucinations arrive then
    We wander, we stroll
    But we don't find things of which we could flaunt
    Avoidance starts of things we are made for
    And we, to ourselves,
    Just abhor, abhor and abhor.
    But, know
    There's dusk after dawn
    There's night after morn
    There's a flake after corn
    There's an evil behind horn
    And so,
    There's a life too after mourn.
    For things which didn't set right
    Will eventually look right after few of your frights
    'Cause that sun, which is held high,
    It too wants to fly
    But, clustered clouds dominate.
    For success is never ending,
    Jump onto another path.
    But for our self-righteousness
    We've to inculcate self-fath.
    For our eyes were efficient .
    For our brain wasn't deficient .
    For our knowledge was never sufficient
    Now at the point look how the sun
    Provides heat and burns
    For clouds when gather
    The sun, probably, turns
    'Cause not all the dusk and the dawns
    Are meant to beautify the halls.
    Don't be self-misanthrope
    Flaunt on your endeavour
    Disregard for what came out of it
    'Cause some don't even try a bit.
    You'll find everything right one day and on
    For then, remember
    Some Dusks and Dawns,
    They don't occur, they get flawed !!