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    There is a shadow
    singing softly on
    a winter evening
    and following upon
    its heels is a light
    the faintest glimmer
    of hope waking up
    from a fitful sleep
    there is a whisper
    a dawning sense of
    dreams stitching
    themselves up to
    clothe up naked desire.

    These are lands
    that have lain hidden
    from human touch
    for aeons and aeons
    a beauty so fierce
    that they have ended
    up blinding mortal eyes
    a pain that doesn't
    sting any more but
    merely floats, a scar
    that is now a memory
    and not a trauma.

    There is a star
    gliding across the
    night skies, that
    only a raven can
    fly towards, shielding
    us from a vicious sun
    that pours warmth and
    scorn upon our weary
    visage in equal measure
    reminding us of gates
    we could have walked
    through, the hills
    we could have scaled.

    - Avitaj

    @dopamine @raika_ @thegreymetaphor
    Terra Incognita is Latin for "undiscovered land"

    Picture credit- Saad Chowdhry

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    Terra Incognita

    A shadow singing softly on a winter evening