• akp2000 11w


    Ever wish you could disappear?
    I do, I wish I could disappear
    Ever wish someone would understand you?
    I do, I wish someone would understand me
    Ever wish you could stop fake smiling?
    I do, I wish I could stop with all the fake smiles
    Ever wish you knew what was wrong with you?
    I do, I wish I knew exactly what is wrong with me
    Ever wish you could describe the way you feel?
    I do, I wish I knew just how I felt
    Ever wish that you could be enough?
    You already know, you know I wish I could be enough
    But I never will, will I?
    I close my eyes and exhale a sharp breath of air
    Hoping to dismiss the heartache
    Hoping to make it all, disappear

    And humans
    Humans make you prey
    They make you prey in their survival of the fittest expedition
    They twist you inside out
    They try to destroy you
    They try to douse the fire that burns within you
    And at times you think they’ve already won
    Because they make you their pawn
    They make you a pawn in whatever sickly game they play in their twisted brains
    And if they got the chance to break your character
    You’d be gasping
    On your last breath
    Holding on dearly to life
    Trying not to disappear
    People will think they know
    know the situations you’re in and they’ll laugh
    They assume they know your life story, so they judge
    They’ll laugh because you weren’t raised like they were
    They’ll judge because you don’t look like they do
    They don’t think like you do
    They weren’t taught like you were
    They don’t feel like you do
    They don’t try to understand who you are
    They’re heartless
    And sometimes I wish
    I hope they would disappear

    When you live in a world as corrupt as this
    You’re bound to find people who make others feel like shit
    They make others feel like crap because they feel like crap too
    Because they cannot love themselves
    And no one has ever loved them back
    When you live in a world as fucked up as this
    You’re bound to drown
    You’re bound to lose who you are
    You’re bound to lose yourself
    You’re bound to be depressed
    You’re bound to be unreachable
    You’re bound to disappear

    If you thought this was going to be motivational
    I’m sorry
    Sometimes you just need to talk about your problems
    Before you can resolve them
    Especially when you try to explain how you feel
    But they say it’s just a phase
    You try to speak your mind
    But they shut you down
    And even when you say nothing
    They tell you that you’re worth nothing
    What do you do when you’re broken and tired?
    What do you do when you’re tired of trying?
    Tired of trying to please everyone but yourself?
    How do you cope in a world of ignorance?
    How do you cope when no one will listen?
    What do you do when the world doesn’t care?
    And what do you do with yourself, a self that is not there?
    It’s simple: You disappear

    Love yourself they say
    Funny enough, that is my ‘forever struggle’
    And it’s just something that I cannot do ‘til this day
    I look at my reflection and I ask,
    “How do I love a self that is so broken and bruised?”
    ‘See the pain on her face,’ the voices say
    ‘With expressions like that she’s bound to always lose her way’
    ‘Why is she so weird?’ the others yell out
    ‘Her life is a mess!’
    ‘Just tell her get out’
    ‘Tell her to Disappear!’