• introvertedswiftiebookworm 22w

    She and He
    (Part 2)

    She walks around here. 
    Feeling pain in her very core. 
    Nobody notices the pain. 
    The pain in her face. 
    Pain she tries to hide. 
    Almost everyday is same old. 
    Same old fake smiles. 
    Pretend happiness too. 
    Cause she doesn’t know how. 
    How to feel happiness. 
    Happiness in a world full of people. 
    A world full of ignorant people. 

    He does notice the pain. 
    The pain she feels and hides. 
    Tries to hide from people. 
    Because he has been through it. 
    Through it all; pain, sorrow and regrets. 
    They were part of him. 
    A beautiful, bright girl. 
    She shouldn’t be so burdened. 
    And also so broken by our society. 
    He remembered that night. 
    That night he wanted to end it all. 
    The promise he’d made. 
    A promise he was so sure to keep. 
    A promise to never let anyone. 
    Feel so burdened by the world. 
    Cause he’s been through it. 
    He’d promised. So he smiled. 
    One day, he smiled at her. 
    Eyes reflected with happiness. 

    Her eyes lit up and widened. 
    A splinter of hope lit her heart. 
    For she knew the fake smiles. 
    For she knew the genuine smiles. 
    She smiled back. 
    She’s found someone who knew. 
    Who knew how it felt to be broken.