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    Thank you @writerstolli for making this challenge and as well as to @navelwort for tagging me to participate.

    Tanaga is a Filipino poetry that uses a 7-7-7-7 syllable scheme and its traditional pattern follows the A-A-A-A rhyme sequence. A-A-B-B is also acceptable these days.

    I made one in my native Filipino language and the other is a translation in English following the same pattern.

    Image credit to Deviantart user ReyeD33

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    Katakot na pagdilim
    Lungkot ko'y kinikimkim
    Dasal ng mataimtim
    Wag kapitan ang talim

    Darkness triggers hidden fear
    Sadness I struggle to bear
    Praying in greatest sincere
    Not to hold a blade so dear