• aggrey_sunflower 10w

    And if

    If loving you is a mistake,
    Trust me I'll ever keep repeating,
    It's not by accident,
    But I'll do it repeatedly!

    And if death was to take me away,
    I mean away from you,
    Then allow me to get six feet with your shadow,
    Because it is silent as I'll be down there!

    And if you are scared to say you love me,
    Send me a goodmorning and night text,
    I'll be just ok with that
    Either mention me in your stories!

    And if you find it hard to hug me,
    Then I'll lend you my spray for you to smell like me
    If that goes hard too....,
    Share your pillows with me then!

    Because you are all I need,
    From outside to the inner side,
    From head to toe,
    Make me your heart-marrow!