• lilgshadow_404 6w

    True love (old poem)

    u need a person that can show u love, like an angel from above
    someone that can ask u how ur day was, and probably say things like i love u
    something like ur family when they show u, truth love is what u get, its what u need stop pretending, love is like a mission u lose one person and find a bettter person,
    u dont have worry, u dont have be sorry all have to do is choose and u dont have to be so blurry, but life on the edge, just quickly understand, a truth person is a person that have u hand to hand, never disband, never misunderstand, kiss on the lips, dont diss for a new chick, hold ur girl tight, make sure she alright, be there by her side even when there a storm outside, sometimes when its over its over and if things dont work out then its best to let it go away and slowly ease ur shoulders, and i no for a fact that loved and never regret, i always have faith, love and respect, they call me doctor LilG cause i can solve all ur problems, its like taking stress pills when u see the pain is stronger, just talk to a person like me and u dont have to full of sorrow, it could be the best talk about ur stress and learn from the best, im not saying im all that perfect but i can make things better, easy like cheddar, u cut a nice slice, eat and u be alright, passion in my heart is all i ever was taught, just being myself and love is all i got, now let me take ur hands and show u what i got