• swatiwriter 10w

    Some of us are not made for 'the hustle and bustle'. We have a natural predilection for calm, quiet and creativity. We revel in solitary moments. We need little outside stimulation. So the lockdown is not as frustrating or maddening for us. Having said that, there are days when I crave to be 'out there', and days when I am more than comfortable within the confines of my home.

    I know, we are 'privileged' to be sitting at home. We are alive and more than well. We are eating like never before.

    A pall of gloom hangs over otherwise cacophonous streets and neighbourhoods across the world. Millions are looking for an end in sight. But we know that life will not return to normal 'all at once'. This is new territory for everyone because we're not yet familiar with the long-term behavior and implications of coronavirus.

    So many people have died in 2020. Covid patients, Covid warriors, filmstars and relatives, too. Some recovered too.

    Will 2020 go down in History as 'the most hated year', or the year that taught us patience, resilience, humanity, the year of faith over fear or the year that gave us lessons in Karma!

    My mind jumps from one fragmented thought to another.

    - swati who writes