• sunayanapaul 5w

    After months of detachment , finally you came .
    The days were tough, but you were worth the wait ....
    Lived in a different world , till you chose me ..
    Had nothing to worry because you were my future ,
    Full of sweet memories to be !!
    You are my reason to live ,
    My reason to sleep at night so peacefully ....
    You are reason I get up from sweet dreams so blissfully!!
    You are my joy , the cause I laugh my heart out
    You are the reason I believe in myself ...
    Everyday is a blessing
    Every night a music ,
    And to me it's you...
    Your voice so poise like the nightingale sings ...
    Makes me forget all other things !!
    Looking back to the days , when some memories we made ,
    Never thought will be the ones to cling on for the times my soldier is away !!
    To my fauji who lives miles away !!
    I draw your love portraits as cute as you ,
    Keep it in my diary which I write for you ! ❤

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