• voice_of_an_introvert 10w

    Letter of a broken girl

    If you think I am a weak person ,
    Then I am not.
    I can conquer the world of sadness with a smile,
    So please...
    Don't adore me with your sympathy !
    Its true that my heart has shattered into pieces,
    But hey , I can mend it myself.
    Because I am used to tell you everything,
    Every tiny piece of information,
    Thats why I am telling them even now.
    And yes, I am hurt...
    I am hurt to the core of my soul,
    Still I am trying to be okay,
    Learning to live the world without you,
    I bet you are doing that too!
    But please , Don't make me a helpless girl,
    By putting your sympathetic care...
    If you don't have time,
    then don't make it for me.
    If you don't want to talk ,
    then just ignore me....!
    I was fine before you in my life,
    And I guess i will be fine in distant future.