• toneoftheinnocent 10w

    The tone of Love

    I can feel the rush from the adrenaline
    Heart racing, but still second place
    Never had to feel like I was rushing it
    Because I'm so meticulous
    Feeling her energy to tune her into my frequencies
    I meditate for inner peace
    Make your juices flow for my hydration
    Pray for balance so she completed me
    Puzzled but never lost
    Her image is a guiding star
    Darkness won't tear us apart
    Light the path, I'll lead the way
    From one time in space
    Never flows linear
    So maybe I can reverse the clock, to be the first
    Or travel to the future, where you're always mine
    I marked on my calendar your time of descent
    Because heaven lost an angel when you came down
    So I lift you up, praise and worship thee
    My God comes first
    Your love second
    But if there were trophies, it'd look like you tied for the win
    Because I still give you gold as a prize
    But what you truly won was my heart
    From the very moment I laid eyes on you
    I knew I had won this game from the very start
    Picture perfect finish, memories for our children
    Tell the story like a myth
    Because her beauty is legendary
    Goddess unlike any other
    So as a King I seek your blessings
    Make my kingdom mighty
    Strengthen the Army through our bonds
    Together we'll conquer our darkest demons
    Scale bottomless pits
    Tread perilous terrain
    All to lead to one destination: