• jamilavora 6w

    On this auspicious day,
    Let me pour my heart out,
    Let me thank the god,
    Let me speak,let me shout!

    This day is marked as
    The day i took birth,
    Let me pour my gratitude to
    This wonderful mother earth
    Who had lend me some space in her laps,
    In this world my all sorrows collapse.

    I have no words to convey how satisfied i am,
    To have such generous parents and family,
    Thanks to god who found me worthy.
    In past 14 years i have learnt a lot,
    From speaking to behaving and what not.

    I am grateful enough to have such friends,
    Who makes me smile however the situation be tensed..

    I love to be part of this world,
    Where ups and downs are like milk and curd!

    This platform MIRAKEE has gave wings me to fly,
    Though i am still learning but i will try,
    Try hard and hard until my goal is accomplished
    Try hard and hard until this day is cherished....