• rev1314 30w

    Happy mother's day........for all d mothers out there #

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    Designations and words are boundless
    But yet couldn't harness
    an exact epitome to delineate her.
    Emotions are incalculable
    But yet no emotion can
    Express the gratitude of
    Having her in our existence.

    Every single thing just seems to
    Be perfect when she is
    All around in our petty world
    Rambling here and there.

    A piece of trivia can really ever
    Replace her in each n every one
    Of our livesssss.........
    And she is the only
    ENSLAVEMENT which makes
    Our soul immortal.

    Why do all of us worry about heaven n hell after our death man....just live ur present,future moments with ur barbie doll with full of magical powers (mom).