• paree01 5w


    My heart held you a little tight,
    Clutching you closer as you whispered,
    Let me go.
    I sewed you to my skin, trying to fight,
    To make all my wrongs into right,
    And stop this time flow.

    Not because im afraid to lose,
    Or scared to move,
    Away from you.
    But I've tied you with a noose,
    And as you move i gasp,
    Not just for your touch, But for breathing too.

    A part of you lives in me i say,
    Bending the rules,
    Trying to save our love which bloomed.
    But helpless i watch as he pulls you away,
    And tearing a piece of our souls i clutched,
    Ripping apart these stitches, leaving an open wound.