• lodayih 24w

    Psychedelic psycho

    I woke up to my screams
    It seemed to be drug induced
    I held out my hand and cried out
    I am bruised
    Broken I feel so abused
    And unsure of my use

    Could it be drug induced
    I am unhappy so I took a strip
    put it underneath my tongue it stained my lip
    Psychedelic feels ,bemused and amused
    Am I still your muse?
    I feel surreal pleasure but nervous to who's watching me
    I fell unseen demons that's crawling underneath my skin
    Was it even worth it ?
    Can I simply just cut it and end this
    My life is an undying scene of lost loves
    And broken hearts white doves
    But no peace only the reminder of this
    Intense violence inside me
    Why do I do this evil to myself
    Why don't I try to love this body , soul and spirit more?