• justiceb 4w

    on days i do not want to breathe:
    i think about what the world would be without me. what it would feel like to not be. i think about my loved ones. how they have witnessed me whittle away at what’s left of me. see...before the self harm i was something. someone. now i am a souled skeleton of slit wrists and suicide attempts.
    i will think about my poetry. all the words i will not have time to write. all the people i will leave unsatisfied. impatiently hungry...for... for me. you see it’s never really been about me. i stay alive for people and poetry. from my pussy to my poems, justice brings pleasure to everyones plead. i offer myself whole to those who are starving. instill i will never leave...and i don’t. i stay longer than i should. i always do. write poems about how i will be become better...and i don’t. recovery tongue twist ties too many times with relapse on my behalf.....