• sakshirajput 9w

    "First love is special and last love is best."

    But what about the other love?
    The second love?

    The love which a person gets after his first heartbreak.
    The love which stays no matter what.
    The love which becomes a rehab for your heart.
    The love which absorbs all your past pains.
    The love which protects you from hurt.
    The love which loves you by heart.
    The love which fills all the voids of your heart.
    The love which stays by your side as a friend, as a therapist, as a lover no matter what.
    The love which you never loved.
    The love who became just another person of your life.
    The love which never gets the attention that it deserves.
    The love that is being left for someone else.
    The love which was of so much use..(and then thrown away)

    What about that love?
    The second love?
    Love that doesn't believe in love now.
    Love that is hollow now.
    Love that can't be given to someone else now.
    Love that is not love now.
    Love that became pain?

    What about that love?
    Why isn't it important when it should be?
    Why the second love doesn't get love?

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    But what about the second love?