• i_am_rk 30w


    I have known her even before I knew the world, I was a part of her.
    She always kept me glued to her arms, I couldn't have felt any safer.
    I gave her sleepless nights, and endless cries. All she gave me was love and it all felt so better.
    She held my hands when i learned yo walk, letting me fall and get up on my own, she was preparing me to be a fighter.
    She always kept her share less than everyone else, being good at distribution was not her feat either.
    She handled my adolescent tantrums without losing her calm, she knew i was still learning and had to face hardships so kuch greater.
    She was sadder than me during my failures, but never showed it on her face, she was always an optimist, always a believer.
    I failed alot and did things so wrong, she was always there to keep me on track, being my toughest critic and an avid supporter.
    She was on cloud nine whenever i succeeded, less she knew it was because of her faith in me and her endless prayers.
    Now i am all grown up and she is not here with me, I just can't get enough of her.
    No matter what happens, I will always be a child and she a MOTHER.