• rodney 10w

    21st September, 2020.
    5:52 p.m.

    #corporatelove #love

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    Corporate love story.

    Come rest with me.
    Come lay your head where I could see.

    Your eyes are too busy, shutting down.
    As I gently caress your curls of dark brown.

    Hush, it's time for you to sleep.
    Fall into deep deep sleep.

    I love the way your closed eyes makes you look like a child—
    Hanging onto the fantasies of your earlier life.

    We are separate in our personalities.
    We all need our space and go through private phases of insecurities.

    Life's not easy, we don't make time for ourselves.
    When we wake up one day, we'll be by ourselves.

    Wondering, how fast time flew by.
    Am I thinking too deep for my type?

    Or is your sleep, too astonishing to sight.
    My kisses on your eyelids will forever hold you tight.

    When you wake up,—
    I know, I'd have fallen asleep.

    The life that corporate employees have is in their sleep.

    With the naps orchestrated by electronic beeps.