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    I thought someone needs to hear this.

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    D E S I R E

    With age, I have developed sexual desires.
    I think everyone does?
    With those growing desires pushing my inner emotions, I have started to watch pornography.
    After every episode of watching porn videos and controlling my desire by shaking out the juice,
    I used to feel like chopping my penis off!
    Yes, you have read it right. I had felt that many a times. Not that its about sex and so its inappropriate. I believe that, sex is a great activity that made me, you and everybody. But the fact that, I am unable to control that desire or emotion used to tick me off.

    One needs to be in one's control &
    that one should be you, yourself only.
    So, I haven't chopped it off.
    Which again says that, I'm not in my own control.
    Instead, I have learnt to control my thoughts by doing yoga and reading books.