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    I think if I was a ghost, the hardest part for me will be to see my loved ones moving on, slowly forgetting me with each passing day. I would be happy for them, of course but still it will hurt to see them carry on without me.

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    She saw from a distance,
    And recognized in an instance,
    Her love was walking a bit ahead,
    Slowly with short steps and a tilted head.
    She hurried to get a better look,
    Excitement erupting with every step she took.
    As she came close she realized
    There was someone else by his side.
    It was a girl who looked gorgeous,
    What she meant to him, it was obvious.
    He held on to her, oh! so precious,
    She was giggling away, so flirtatious.
    Seeing them together, she was shocked,
    She froze on her tracks,and felt choked.
    But then she remembered what she was,
    Just a ghost of a memory long past.
    For years she had been gone,
    And finally he had moved on.
    Her heart broke but her eyes had happy tears,
    For him as he found love again, overcoming his fears.
    With a heavy, yet content heart
    she returned,
    Finally able to go on to the other side, she turned.